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Google Pixel 3 release date news – specs, price, and all the latest rumours

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THINKING about getting a new phone and looking for Google Pixel 3 news? We’ve tracked down all the latest release date and specs rumours that’ve been circulating online. Last year, Google wowed us all with the impressive Pixel 2 smartphones – which even made our best Android phones list – so it’s no surprise that […]

THINKING about getting a new phone and looking for Google Pixel 3 news? We’ve tracked down all the latest release date and specs rumours that’ve been circulating online.

Last year, Google wowed us all with the impressive Pixel 2 smartphones – which even made our best Android phones list – so it’s no surprise that phone fans are excited for a sequel. Here’s what we know.

Google Pixel 3
Google first debuted its range of flagship Pixel phones in 2016
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Google Pixel 3 release date – when is Google’s next phone out?

Google has been fairly consistent with its Pixel smartphone releases, which makes the next launch date easy to guess.

The original Google Pixel launched back on October 4, 2016, which was a Tuesday. It then went on sale on Tuesday, October 25 that same year.

Then last year’s Google Pixel 2 was announced on Wednesday, October 4 – the exact same date as the original phone’s debut. It went on sale more quickly however, landing in stores on Thursday, October 19.

Google Pixel 3
The Pixel phones run on Google’s custom-built Android software, which is a direct rival to Apple’s iOS
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Based on that brief history, we’d expect Google to announce the Google Pixel 3 on Thursday, October 4, 2018.

As far as a specific Google Pixel 3 release date goes, we’d guess it would fall somewhere between October 16 and 18 this year.

Google phones are pretty easy to find in the UK too, with its latest models stocked by major retailers like EE, Carphone Warehouse and Currys.

However, no stocking info has been released for this year’s models, because the smartphones haven’t actually been announced yet.

Google Pixel 3
It’s likely that Google will announce the Pixel 3 in early October this year
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Google Pixel 3 specs, features and design – latest news and rumours

The most solid rumour we’ve seen so far comes from the highly respected tech blog Droid Life.

The specialist site quotes insider sources as saying that there will be THREE different Google Pixel 3 models this year, codenamed: ‘Crosshatch’, ‘Albacore’, and ‘Blueline’.

The quirky monikers follow Google’s tradition of internally codenaming products after types of fish.

We spoke to expert analyst Imran Choudhary, who agreed that Google could launch three new phones, but said two was more likely.

Google Pixel 3
Experts told The Sun that Google’s next phone is likely to borrow key features from Apple’s iPhone X
AP:Associated Press

The GfK tech expert told The Sun: “Google will almost certainly look to bring at least two new devices to the market this year.”

He added that Google was probably going to launch the devices “this autumn”, which fits with our predictions.

There haven’t been any solid leaks around the sort of specs the phone will feature, but there are some very likely additions.

For instance, it’s almost certain that the two phones will be powered by Qualcomm’s new and powerful Snapdragon 845 smartphone processor.

The Google Pixel 2 ran on the older Snapdragon 835 chip, but Qualcomm says its latest version is 25% faster – which means the Pixel 3 could be seriously powerful.

There’s also a good chance both the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will follow Apple’s lead and reduce the size of the bezel on the new phones. The bezel is the ugly bit of plastic or metal that surrounds your phone’s screen.

“The trend at the premium end is to move to edge-to-edge screens and the Pixel will do well to move in this direction,” Choudhary explains.

“If the Pixel devices are to really compete with Apple and Samsung at the premium end, it is important the new devices show real development.”

Google Pixel 3
One of the biggest advantages of owning a Pixel phone is that they receive new Android updates before rival devices

Google’s next phone is also likely to borrow Apple’s Face ID feature, which debuted on last year’s £999 iPhone X.

Face ID is a facial recognition system that uses sensors to scan a user’s face in order to unlock the phone.

“There needs to be an Android equivalent of Face ID,” Choudhary told The Sun.

The mobile expert added that we could expect other new features, including an under-screen fingerprint scanner and wireless charging.

We’ve also heard rumours that the Google Pixel 3 may borrow Apple’s “notch” – the bit of plastic that juts out from the top of the iPhone X screen, eating into the display.

Leaked information – courtesy of Bloomberg – about the next version of Android suggests there will be a “dramatic redesign” of the software that would support a “notch” design.

It would mean that the software you see on the phone would be designed to fit around the “notch”, stopping it from getting in the way.

This could mean that the Google Pixel 3 may look very similar to the iPhone X, boasting an all-front screen design.

Google Pixel 3
Google will probably host its own private event for the Pixel 3 launch, rather than relying on a big tech convention
Getty Images - Getty

The only other obvious upgrade is guaranteed: the Google Pixel 3 will run the latest version of Android.

That’s no surprise, given that Google is responsible for the development of the world’s most popular mobile operating system.

Google is expected to announce the new Android 9.0 software in June, although we don’t know what new features it will add just yet.

But Pixel devices are always chosen as the debut platform for Google’s latest software, so this upgrade is a dead cert.

Google Pixel 3
The Google Pixel 3 is likely to cost more than its 2017 predecessor, according to experts

Google Pixel 3 price – will it be cheaper than an iPhone X?

No one really knows how much the Google Pixel 3 will cost, but we can make an educated guess.

The original Pixel started at £599, while its bigger brother cost £719.

The Google Pixel 2 priced in at £629, with the Pixel 2 XL costing an even heftier £799 – both big price jumps compared to the previous generation.

Unsurprisingly, Choudhary says we can expect another leap this year. He explained: “Smartphone prices have been increasing over the last year in particular.”

He described how phone makers are “stretching the pricing architecture at the top end” to create what he calls a “super premium tier”.

Apparently, this is all Apple’s fault: “With the launch of the iPhone X retailing at the price point it does, we’re definitely going to see others look to move in that direction within reason.”

Given that the iPhone X costs anywhere from £999 to £1,149, we could see a big price hike for the Google Pixel 3 in 2018 – ouch!

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